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Affordable Technology

We offer affordable IT Equipments and high quality items with broad range of IT products,for personal and enterprise requirements.

Data Security

Our Data Security Solution provides a complete range of tools to achieve 100% erasure or destruction of sensitive data on your IT assets..

IT services

We provide you with the professional IT services from need assessment , design , implement, operate, Auditing , Security Services

Asset Management

Asset Management Services offer customizable solutions to maximize the value of IT equipment, eliminate data security risks

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Technofy is coming up to empower people and society through technology.

We are professional team with varieties in knowledge and skills to support you possession the technological tools and equipment required to facilitate your life and make it even easier. And support you with broad range of IT services. We serve a wide range of customers, from individuals to SMBs. Throughout our wide range of partnership with leading IT equipment providers we commit ourselves to provide our valuable customers with best price and quality of service. Our products spanning over (Pre-owned, New) products, Example of our products are, all kind of personal computers. Our Services are designed to support SMEs grow faster and more efficient, including Data protection, Security solutions, Web Hosting services, IT consultancy. Our customers are our partners so your success is ours. .

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